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Temple in Goa, India.

This is a very tall temple building in a city called Goa, in India. To capture such monuments in full height,

  • We should have sufficient distances in front of the building , so that we can capture it from long distance
  • Or, we should use wide angle lens. But in that case , we will get wide angle distortion.
  • Good direction of lighting
  • better to have a clear sky back ground, even though a cloudy sky also looks good.
  • Colour filters can be used to enhance the blueness of the sky.
Upper portion of the monument

Another alternative is to expose only upper portion of the building. Many a times, a very closup view will not be appealing because, we can see minute irregularities or dust streaks on the building. But it can be done if the building is newly painted as shown below.

Newly painted temple complex in the same city.

We can even show only lower portion, if it is having paintings as shown below.

Lower portion of the monument.

But here, the back ground is not the clear sky, but the long building, slightly distracting.